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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                          October 14, 2013

Off the Whim Unleashes New Social Media Website That Helps Users Share Real Memorable Moments With Real People

Why spend all day with acquaintances online that you never see when you can have good times with real people you meet at Off the Whim.

ATLANTA, GA., October 14th, 2013 –

Off the Whim is not only the newest 'kid on the block' in the realm of social media, it is the most innovative social media platform on the Internet today. Picture Facebook, Twitter and plentyoffish.com all rolled in to one. That is what you get when you join Off the Whim (OTW), the best of all social media worlds.

How can a site be deemed social when there's no real interaction with other people? OTW solves that problem by promoting real social interaction with real friends that you meet online. Founder Siesta Pettiford explains the purpose of OTW:

“Off the Whim is a site developed with the main objective of adding the social to social media. It helps you socialize, it helps get people together for social activities. When people bail on you and ruin your plans or stand you up at the last minute, or you just want to hang out or simply have a conversation with someone real, Off the Whim provides you with the perfect platform to find someone to share a good time with.

For example, you may have tickets to the big game and can't find anyone to go with you. How much fun can any event be when you are alone? Now you can fix the problem. Simply log in to your OTW account, post "I've got tickets for the game" and specify who you are looking for (male, female, it doesn't matter) and who is paying (you pay, they pay or going dutch). People who are interested then contact you.”

The OTW system is fun, safe and easy to use. You can only message the poster one time. If he or she doesn't respond, you can't message them again about the same offer, which will prevent people from pestering or harassing you. No one likes to be bombarded by spam or annoying emails. With OTW, the choice as to who you want to spend time with is in your hands. You choose who can see what you post on your profile, such as pictures and video. If a person doesn't specifically message you in response to your posting or you don't respond to them and opt to attach a photo or video, no one will ever see it. It is completely private.

If the poster responds to you, you have 5 rounds of communication to solidify your plans. After that, the message system deletes all messages. Off the Whim is quick and easy to use. OTW won't help you find more email or message buddies, those are too easy to find. OTW is all about meeting real people in an effort to have fun, People should not confuse Off the Whim with dating sites, because it isn't about hooking up or dating.

Off the Whim is ever changing and always current. Posted offers must be accepted that day. After the event starts the offers soon drop off the site for good.

About Off the Whim

Off the Whim (OTW) is a unique social media website that allows for and promotes real interaction with real people. The site was developed by Siesta Pettiford, who conceived the idea as a result of his love of traveling. While traveling, he would often think about how great it would be to have someone else to explore the world with. Not knowing someone personally in each region makes that difficult to do. Off the Whim was developed to solve that problem.


Siesta Pettiford
Off the Whim